Opel Solutions is a full-service e-commerce website development and digital marketing agency. Opel’s team brings over three decades of e-commerce programming and digital marketing experience. We understand both your evolving customer and market place.

Opel’s industry experience and committed project managers help you better compete in your marketplaces consistently.

Our full suite of solutions gives you convenience and immediacy without compromise. We completely understand your customer’s spending habits and thirst for speed. We deliver a seamless omnichannel experience, fulfillment, and customer retention.

We are exceptionally skilled in implementing solutions for the Shopify platform.

In short, we help customers gravitate to your brand quickly.



Website Design, development, SEO and maintenance of e-commerce websites backed by strong quality and mature processes


Full-service development to take your creations to marketplace quickly and reliably

We value honesty, integrity, quality, and ingenuity, and this shapes every decision we make. We believe in creating efficiency gains for our customers, both in time and cost.

Opel Solutions


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    PLANNING – Essence of time

    Invest time to understand your requirements, organize the tasks, build predictable delivery schedules and set up your project management tools.

  • 02

    DESIGNING – It works

    Expert designers balance aesthetics with usability giving relevant, consistent, and progressive user experiences

  • 03

    BUILDING – Efficiency on the go

    Diligent coders build your product.  We can also set up Continuous Integration (CI) and Delivery (CD) tools to verify the source code during development

  • 04

    TESTING – Reliability and reputation

    Experienced, certified teams conduct end to end and continuous testing to eliminate marketplace risks. Automated tests make sure of high reliability and faster turnaround

  • 05

    DEPLOYING – Ready for the market

    Wholistic deployment of your store to production servers. Set up automation for ‘continuous’ deployment

  • 06

    MAINTAINING – Sustaining your growth

    Build/maintain a scalable infrastructure to meet your business growth. Agile, alert teams monitor your website and fix incidents quickly, giving consistent end-user experience

Customer Case Study

ARTISANS VILLAGE - Amazon selling for craft household goods brand

Opel Advertising Strategy

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