Case Study – Artisan Village

Amazon Selling for craft household goods brand

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Increase sales on Amazon

Artisan Village, a manufacturer of craft household decoratives and accessories, was looking to enhance its sales performance on Amazon. They were looking for a partner that could help grow their sales without increasing their ad budget. In other words, they were looking to optimize their ad spends and decrease ACoS (advertising cost of sale).

Artisan Village Case study Amazon
Amazon Opel


A detailed audit of each targeted product

We analyzed the relation between sales and keywords, location of the ads, advertising strategy (manual vs. automatic), time of sales, etc.We also looked at SEO (search engine optimization), competitor analysis, and the impact of negative keywords.

We reviewed the description of each product, the use of product description fields on Amazon, and the detailed description displayed for each parent item (A+ content).


Update the content and advertising strategy

We rewrote the content, updated the images and related description fields on the product listings page. We also optimized the A+ content to align it with the brand’s goals and the target audience.

We also retooled the client’s PPC ads strategy and launched new campaigns targeting the most effective keywords and creating an efficient bidding strategy.

Amazon being a sales and an advertising channel requires a comprehensive strategy to ensure sales growth.



Immediate and sustained improvements in the campaign performances

The updates not only impacted the customer’s perception of the product and conversion rate, however on Amazon, it also affected the product’s visibility on the search results page and advertisements’ effectiveness.

The result was a significant increase in sales with a high return on ad spend (lower ACoS)

Through Opel expertise, Average Weekly Sales increased by 223% as compared to previous 6 months

The increase in Sales was achieved at a greatly improved Advertising Cost of Sales